Chemicals of Emerging Concern

Welcome to the database of chemicals of emerging Arctic concern hosted by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), a working group under the Arctic Council. This database contains information about the properties on substances that are of potential concern as Arctic contaminants.

The data were originally compiled as part of the AMAP Assessment 2017: Chemicals of Emerging Arctic Concern. The database constitutes an electronic Annex to the full scientific report presenting the results of the assessment that will be published during summer 2017 and available from the AMAP website. A summary for policy-makers is available now. More details on the compilation of the original database and technical notes are available on a separate page.

This database serves as an Appendix to the aforementioned Assessment Report. However, it could also be used for various other purposes such as to inform the design of future monitoring studies and sampling campaigns as well as in the development of exposure assessment models.  

This database is continuously maintained and updated by AMAP and contributors, and we invite interested parties to submit new information, corrections and revisions to existing entries.

There are currently 683 entries.
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